Our Ethos

A Georgian house that was structurally neglected for nearly half a century and conveniently perched on a riverbank proved too much of a temptation for Emma and Giovanni and their vivid passion for architecture design and environmental interests. After 4 years of negotiation with the Environment Agency and the local planning authority, a Archimedean screw was installed in the Autumn 2010 and is now producing enough electricity to meet house demand and still allow the local kingfishers to fly past and nest undisturbed. The healthy preservation of the 700 years old crooked beam (currently investigated by the dendrology department of Birmingham University) required the sympathetic renovation of the entire stone roof.

Rare breed Wiltshire Horn sheep graze in the orchard and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs forage in the woodland.

An orchard and vegetable garden have been established and the herbaceous borders and wildflower meadows ensure there is ample pollen for the Dauntsey Park bees. 10 hives are situated in the orchard, where the bees play an essential role in polinating the fruit trees.

Dauntsey Park House jams, honey and fruit, together with sausages and bacon from the home reared pigs are all enjoyed at breakfast by guests.

Dauntsey Park House is now carbon neutral and the majority of the food we eat here has very little or no “mileage” at all.